I welcome you to The Weekly Apothecary. This site is a product of my study and passion of plant medicine.

The herbal healing community is growing exponentially! I am seeing small herbal apothecary clinics establishing themselves all across the country, which I hope to profile in future posts. Also, I am so excited to hear about the growing Community Supported Medicine (CSM). This movement is another step toward communities and individuals reclaiming their healing needs! As I continue my own healing and learning journey, this Blog will shape shift along with way, it is my contribution to the herbal community and those interested in learning more.

I am being continuously surprised at the many uses for each single plant! While scientists try to isolate active chemicals from plants, it is ineffective in healing because the plant is a part of a whole system. (Think: sunlight-plants-eating-compost-seeds). There are no side effects from taking herbs, but one should exercise caution in treating serious illnesses. Through this Blog, I hope to share the life-changing effects of getting to know specific plants. Herbal studies can help alter your lifestyle, develop a relationship with the natural world, and with community members for collective healing!

Currently, I am writing from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Throughout the summer, I will post from different locations along the east coast. While I am currently exploring the plants of the east coast and Appalachian mountain range, I have studied plants in the Western half of the country, which I will also talk about ‘in retrogress.’ In any case, I encourage you to get acquainted with the plants that are growing outside your front door!

Thank you for visiting The Weekly Apothecary. I hope that you stay tuned!

Sidenote: Please be advised that these postings should not be used to treat conditions, but rather to spark continued learning about and interest in the uses of plant medicine.


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