Mugwort Appears

Spring is here! And I want to share my excitement at the visibility of Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). Some gardeners may know this rapidly spreading weed, while it can take over a garden similarly to mint, it should not be underestimated as a healing plant. This magical plant can be dried and added to sleepy time eye pillows to activate dreams. Mugwort is famously known as an emmenagogue to aid in painful menstruation, but this plant can also be steeped into tea and consumed as a tonic to support overall nutrition, tonic, and strength. The taste of this herb may be strong, but the next time you see it growing, know that it’s not just a weed, but a plant with healing properties! Consider giving it a try…


One thought on “Mugwort Appears

  1. I know I have this but I have others that look like it so I still am hesitant to try it. What I have use mugwort for in the past was as a moxa stick-bought in Chicagos China Town. Its used to help ease pain and works very well. I was hoping to make my own since I don’t live near a good Asian market anymore. I suppose I can buy it online but its not the same:)


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