A Plant for Dreams

Valeriana officinalis

 valerian young valerian valerian

As I travel North from the Blue Ridge Mountains, I will have a companion who hails from Maine. This young Valerian plant was sent to me through the mail from Maine and is happy now, potted in dark soil from the mountains of North Carolina. Just add water and sunlight. The trifecta [soil, sun, water] resulted in tender new growth, pictured above.

Valerian, Valeriana officinalis, is known as a sedative or sleep aid, usually taken as a tincture. People tend to have different reactions to this plant however, it may have the opposite effect. The lore is that Valerian root will cause active dreams. I have experience with this plant as a muscle healer, because it contains a lot of magnesium.

This copilot of mine is a true example of the intertwining properties of plant medicine. For example, one chemical component that helps in muscle healing, magnesium, also contributes to relaxation and thus is helpful as a sleep aid. While certain aspects of this plant can be isolated chemically, the plant in its full form has a personality.

When my Valerian copilot grows up, I will make medicine from it and the outcome will have a story beginning in Maine, growing in North Carolina soil, and beyond. Perhaps the dreams that it will inspire will be full of adventure!


2 thoughts on “A Plant for Dreams

  1. I stopped by to thank you for following. It’s appreciated. I love Valerian when I remember to use it. It’s in my rescue remedy. I don’t dream not sleep deeply.Maybe I should try straight Valerian. 🙂 Thanks for the information too.

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