Essence and Energy

tiger lilly

Happy Full Moon, and Happy July!

For some reason this day feels auspicious….

In the spirit of symbolism and essence, Flower Essences come to mind.  How is it possible that Bach Flowers documents miraculous cases where people have been helped and healed from serious trauma using Rescue Remedy?

The strict scientific thinker and modern medical practitioner seem to believe the lines are distinct between physical self and other.  However, for people more inclined to believe in something esoteric, the line is blurred.  Perhaps the emotional self is energetically connected to our physical well being through our hard drive, or central nervous system.  Perhaps plants and flowers energetically communicate with us as as they do on the scientifically-proved physical plane.

The Flower Essence Society is a large network of practitioners who use flower essences as a mode of therapy.  Some practitioners will combine talk therapy as away to discover underlying aspects for their clients and ‘prescribe’  flowers to help them with their emotional and physical wellbeing.  There are also “over the counter” blends that are sold such as: five-flower formula, grief relief, sacred heart, and more.  This group also publishes case studies of miraculous sounding results.  While they are not seeking to scientifically quantify How this happens, the point is that it works!

While most herbal remedies (that I write about) are related to extracting the chemical properties from plants, flower essences are simply soaked in water to extract the essence. Wow. I love the subtlety.

It goes without saying, although I do need to write it here, that the production of herbal medicine is a process-oriented modality.  The quality of Organic plant medicine is superior to the weeds growing on the side of the road next to the drain pipe. Factors such as keeping a clean workspace, using fresh and filtered water, and having positive intentions are all involved in the potency and effectiveness of herbal remedies.

I will leave you with this food for thought since I am writing mid-week. Please visit again next Monday for another post to The Weekly Apothecary!

All the Best to you and yours for a safe, happy, and healthy holiday weekend,



2 thoughts on “Essence and Energy

  1. I have 2 bottles of rescue remedy for when I am a passenger in a car. Depending on who is driving tells a big story. I even gave it to my dog in her water as she was anxiety prone. I used lots of it while still married. Kept the man alive. 🙂 I have not used any others but I’ve been using rescue remedy for many years. Especially when I have trouble sleeping. Use a lot of lavender oil for that too.

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  2. I carry Rescue Remedy with me everywhere I go and I have used mimulus alot but as you know this is all very individual. I’d love to make my own but by the time I have flowers I am busy doing other garden work and I beleive that the process requires some level of inner peace.

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