Black Walnut Part I

My, how times flies! Already four weeks into the Fall 2015 semester, and haven’t posted to the blog since.  The squirrels are busily moving about, as are the students!

I love, love, love September. It’s the month of my Birthday. It’s when the eastern seaboard becomes ablaze with oranges, yellows, and reds from the deciduous trees. It’s when apples ripen, cider is made, and the scent of apple cider doughnuts warm a crisp morning.  The change of the seasons is upon us.

Notably, it is also time for black walnuts to fall from trees.  The green hull of the walnuts are one of my favorite smells. Musty and tannic yet sweet and full.  This is an East Coast treasure for sure, and there are so, so many black walnut trees here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and on campus too.

I’ve long held a wish to prepare a black walnut tincture.  Aside from the meat of the nut being completely eatable, the hull that surrounds the nut has medicinal properties. I have seen black walnut used in formulas for anti fungus (ie: athlete’s foot) and digestion issues.

Next week I will add another part to this blog about Black Walnuts as I gather more nuts, pictures, and begin to prepare the tincture. Further reading from Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy:


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