Black Walnut Part II


I was able to collect a bunch of Black Walnuts this past weekend! They are sitting here in a box now, waiting for the green hulls to turn black so that I can remove the hull from the nut and use that for a tincture.  An amazing herbalist who I asked for recommendations about Black Walnut said that grinding up the brown, dried hulls for powder is a good addition to any apothecary too for use at a later time in the form of a poultice. The tincture may be used internally, digestion issues, and the poultice is topical, athlete’s foot.

I’m also really excited to eat the walnuts this winter! The nuts are known to be high in fats.  The Black Walnut tree bears a fruit that has many uses for healing and sustenance.  In the past, I’ve collected pounds and pounds of Black Walnuts, but this year I am keeping the harvest to a manageable size for one!

Juglans nigra, the Black Walnut tree is so amazing to me. They grow to be very tall, and of course is a hard wood. The bark is grayish and the leaves are single toothed, a long ovular, and alternate on the stems. Stay tuned for further pictures and posts about the progress of the autumn project!

The squirrels were here, gathering food for winter!
The squirrels were here, gathering food for winter!

One thought on “Black Walnut Part II

  1. I have a tree on my land but they are free for the taking. Usually I take them to the Amish who then do the hard work for us and keep a portion for themselves as payment but this year I don’t have time to go forage that many. I usually get 3 five gallon buckets full from my one tree.
    Last year the Amish were wild about walnut tincture for tooth problems. I bought some from them but I wasn’t consistent at all-they claim that the tincture takes away cavities. I have been meaning to research this but I think that it has to do with remineralization possibly.


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