Autumn Alliance


It’s harvest time! Honestly, autumn is my favorite time of year. It always feels profound to experience this major transition each year.  The leaves have nearly all fallen here, but there are still some vibrant yellows, oranges and red colors along the horizon.  Squash, apples and onions are fresh from the farm and are jam-packed with the nutrients we need to support our immune systems through the change.

I was listening to an archived interview last night, from The Herbal Highway.  I think this radio show has been on for a long time and has followers all over the country, it is streaming online. Find it here. Thanks to my sisters at the SEWW for telling me about this program!

The show that sparked my creativity to write this blog! The interview is with an herbalist from the pacific northwest, and she talked about plants that I often miss: such as Oregon grape root, elderberry, huckleberries, rose hips, and white pine. All of these plants have tremendous potential for maintaining health and healing certain conditions.


I don’t want to go into all of the uses for these plants here, but I really am feeling connected to this idea of the essence of plants, and of the connection these amazing fresh foods and herbs have with the harvest time! The huckleberries and the elderberries and rose hips all become ready to harvest this time of year (this post is either at the tail end or missing them, actually).  Similar to the smell of the autumn out East, musty, damp leaves and tannic black walnuts.  Native Americans named the moons to remind themselves what time of year it was, and the harvest moon takes on a whole new meaning when you’re tuned into what it actually means for your health and survival.

Black Walnuts Growing

In my own way, I am taking a moment to really be thankful for the plants that mark this seasonal change, and the influence that has for well-being. Tender moments like this, it becomes evident that the dance with nature is on-going and blessed.  The connection that we have with the lands where we live are superior to the box stores that you find in anywhere-America.  And the notion of living with the support that is being offered to us by those lands makes the herbal remedies more potent than a product from a store.  Furthermore, the responsibility we all have as herbalists to steward, revitalize and protect the land is great.  What is your favorite aspect of Autumn?

I hope you have a happy Autumn and harvest responsibly! Love and Light you Y’all..



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