Welcome to The Weekly Apothecary!

I am so happy to launch this Blog as a reflection of the love that I have for medicinal plants! I am a plant enthusiast, an herbalist, and am continuing my education of Biology. This Blog will be a platform for me to share information for “a beginning herbalist” and otherwise people who are interested in plants and their medicinal uses.

While industrial pharmaceutical companies are railroading citizens into pill consumption, when we seek the knowledge about how plants from nature can help you in maintaining your physical and mental health, collectively we take healthcare into the hands of community.

There will be much useful and interesting information on the way, so keep in touch!

Love and Light,


Please Note:  I am not a licensed healthcare professional and cannot treat symptoms or disease through The Weekly Apothecary. Please seek medical attention if in need.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Liane I was initially drawn to your blog by the blog name. I love the whole idea of the apothecary. Your ‘About’ page appeals to me. I have always been interested in medicinal plants. I’m trying to learn more and apply herbalism into my own life. It’s such a fascinating subject. There is so much to learn. I look forward to exploring your blog. Thank you from Debra @https://cultivatingtime.wordpress.com/

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